Marzo 23, 2022

WP1 – Video Interview at Quentin Jeangros for CSEM

Quentin Jeangros is a coordinator of the whole european project PeroCUBE. CSEM is a Swiss private, non-profit research and technology organization with +35 years of Deep Tech development and transfer to […]
Marzo 14, 2022

The school of the future

From 20 to 22 May, Aura Taitle will be among the protagonists of Fiera Didacta Italia, in the splendid setting of the Fortezza da Basso in Florence. This is the fifth […]
Marzo 14, 2022

Video interviews with partners

Next week sees the start of the second series of video interviews of Perocube project participants to explain their work over the last two years. A representative from each work […]
Gennaio 31, 2022

A Theoretical Framework for Microscopic Surface and Interface Dipoles, Work Functions, and Valence Band Alignments in 2D and 3D Halide Perovskite Heterostructures

CNRS (+third party INSA) and University of Oxford recently published a joint paper. PeroCUBE partners designed a new theoretical framework to compute microscopic surface and interface dipoles, work functions & band […]
Settembre 29, 2021

Video Interview at Emmy Toerker for Fraunhofer Society

Emmy Toerker is a scientist in the department for flexible  organic electronics. Her specialty is encapsulation of thin film devices and atomic layer deposition. The Fraunhofer Society is  Europe’s largest […]
Settembre 28, 2021

Video Interview at Anastasia Vassilakopoulou for Noesis Technologies

Anastasia Vassilakopoulou is a Senior Project manager at Noesis technologies. She has received her Ph.D. in the synthesis of novel perovskites functional materials for technological applications from university of Patras. […]
Settembre 16, 2021

Video Interview at Henry Snaith for University of Oxford

Henry J. Snaith is an expert in the physics and materials science of photovoltaics, with his efforts having specifically focused on solid-state hybrid (organic-inorganic) solar cells. In PeroCUBE project he’s Technical […]
Settembre 13, 2021

Video Interview at Ioannis Koutselas for University of Patras

Ioannis Koutselas is professor in “Molecular Materials with emphasis on low dimensional organic-inorganic semiconductors” at the Department of Materials Science at the University of Patras. University of Patras is considered […]
Settembre 7, 2021

Video Interview at Riikka Suhonen for VTT

Riikka Suhonen is specialised in the research being on the printability of organic light emitting and photovoltaic materials. Currently the main focus of her research is on the perovskite photovoltaics. VTT is […]