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Perovskite technology is rapidly advancing, providing lighting manufacture, the renewable energy industry and the communications sector with low-cost and high-quality materials indispensable for the production of competitive devices in the frame of the organic and large-area electronics (OLAE) market. However, these materials are exclusively studied for next-generation solar cell development. The EU-funded PeroCUBE project proposes a study focused on scalable production processes (roll-to-roll printing) and future market entry of advanced products by advancing halide perovskite technology. The project will be deployed in the European lighting industry with large-area lighting panels, in the renewable energy industry with advanced perovskite-based photovoltaic panels and in the next generation of visual light communication/LiFi technologies.

First steps

Manufacturing approaches for Large Area flexible PeroCUBE devices

Integration into wearables

Today wearable devices are used in production sites, entrusted to staff on the move in the area and in the health sector. The best known is the smartwatch, PeroCUBE wants to develop new ones.