Gennaio 16, 2023

WP5 – Video Interview at Riikka Suhonen for VTT

Riikka Suhonen is a senior scientist at VTT, the leading research and technology company in the Nordic countries. Their research and innovation services pave the way for the future by […]
Novembre 30, 2022

Meeting in Patras

In October 2022 all representatives of the Consortium partners met at the University of Patras to discuss the results achieved and to jointly define the next steps.
Novembre 7, 2022

WP4 – Video Interview at Georg Ramer and Ufuk Yilmaz for Technische Universität Wien

Georg Ramer is a university assistant at TU Wien and responsible for developing near- and far-field imaging activities in the Lendl laboratory using mid-IR as well as Raman spectroscopy. Ufuk […]
Settembre 23, 2022

Solvent study solves solar cell durability puzzle

CNRS, a consortium partner in collaboration with Rice University, has contributed to solving a long-standing challenge in the field of halide perovskites: Fine-tuning of solvent and band alignment has enabled […]
Settembre 20, 2022

WP4 – Video Interview at Walter Arnaud for CSEM

Walter Arnaud is a Senior R&D Engineer at CSEM, non-profit research and technology organization. In the PeroCUBE project, CSEM has a key contribution to Work Package 4, which is devoted to […]
Settembre 6, 2022

CNRS at the National Photovoltaic Days (JNPV)

Every year the French Federation for Photovoltaic Research (FedPV) organises the National Photovoltaic Days to create a forum for sharing results, analysis and perspectives for the French photovoltaic community. The […]
Luglio 28, 2022

WP3 – Video Interview at Claudine Katan for CNRS

Claudine Katan is a Senior Research Director at CNRS – Centre national de la recherche scientifique. In the PeroCUBE project, CNRS has a key contribution to Work Package 3, which […]
Luglio 22, 2022

WP3 – Video Interview at Alexandra Ramadan for University of Oxford

Alexandra Ramadan is a post Doctoral Research Associate. In the PeroCUBE project she represents University of Oxford and worked on the development and characterisation of perovskite thin films for use […]
Maggio 23, 2022

We share a big step forward

The project PeroCUBE demonstrates the potential of perovskite solar cells as energy-harvesting LiFi receivers Small-scale solar cells and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) based on a perovskite semiconductor now reach high power […]