Luglio 29, 2021

Video Interview at Jacky Even for CNRS

  Jacky Even is full Professor at INSA Rennes engineering school since 1999 and senior member of the Academic Institute of France since 2018. In 1999. He’s the founder of FOTON, […]
Luglio 27, 2021

Video Interview at Nicolay Sylvain for CSEM

  Nicolay Sylvain is Head of the thin film and emerging PV section at CSEM PV-Center since its creation in 2013. CSEM is a Swiss private, non-profit research and technology […]
Luglio 20, 2021

Video interviews with partners

Next week starts the publication of a series of video interviews of Perocube project participants in order to illustrate the role of each consortium partner. We will also hear about […]
Giugno 10, 2020


H2020 Grant for perovskite-based lighting, wearables and fabric devices with LiFi and photovoltaic capability has been approved and started April 1st 2020.